Cerametallic Clutch OT-II (7.25" - 185 mm)

1-plate (Ultra-high = 326 / 388 / 456 / 558 / 619 Nm)

Vi lagerhåller 66-301UGG.

Torque Capacity Release Load* Weight** M.O.I.** Pressure Plate Flywheel Part number
(lb-ft/Nm) (lb/daN) (lbs/kg) (lb-in²/kg-m²) (ratio) (type)
240/326 400/180 5.6/2.5 52.4/.0154 Ultra-high Step 66-301UW
285/388 480/211 5.6/2.5 52.4/.0154 Ultra-high Step 66-301UBF
335/456 560/247 5.6/2.5 52.4/.0154 Ultra-high Step 66-301UORA
410/558 680/299 5.6/2.5 52.4/.0154 Ultra-high Step 66-301UG
455/619 760/334 5.6/2.5 52.4/.0154 Ultra-high Step 66-301UGG

"Unless noted, clutches listed are for use with Step-type" flywheels have a .100" step for the clutch´s friction surface.

Clutches are also available for "pot-type" (no step) flywheels. Contact us for further information.

* Values listed are typical for release bearings with the recommended 44 mm contact diameter. Larger contact diameters will increase release load.

** Weight and M.O.I. includes disc(s).


Installation instructions

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(66-301UGG Pressureplate "UR-R" 11,60mm x 150mm)

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